Earth Day Accessories by AMORO

With Earth Day just around the corner, we are planning on soaking in all the beauty nature has to offer. From sun shining days, clear blue skies, and sun setting cotton candy skies. What better way to honor the Earth than to rock some of its natural gemstones that resemble all the beauty it has to offer us on a daily basis?

AMORO ‘s got tons of styles featuring your favorite stones – making it easy and fun to style your OOTD this Earth Day.


Sunsets have a bit of magic in them, don’t they? One of life’s simple pleasures courtesy of Mother Nature herself. Take a piece of your favorite sunset with you when you rock a Citrine gemstone.

Natural citrine is found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Dauphine, France, and in Madagascar. It is a variety of the gem quarts and ranges in color from yellow to yellow orange and can even be a darker shade of reddish brown. This is what we love most about it because of its variety of color that best resembles that gorgeous sunset you last saw in the sky.

citrine for earth day
citrine for Earth Day


Citrine’s warm color brings about a brightness and glow to just about any outfit you pair it with. We absolutely love the way the stone looks against a yellow gold metal, but paired with white gold or sterling silver, you still have to appreciate its beauty.

Rock Citrine all summer long and you won’t be disappointed. Starting this Earth Day, learn to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you, or just look across that horizon and appreciate the beautiful sky the sun creates as it sets.


The best days to be out and about are when there isn’t a cloud in the sky, aren’t they? We think so too… don’t you wish you could grab onto that blue blue sky and have it with you for always? You can! AMORO’s Blue Topaz collection is as bright and bold as a clear blue sky and sparkles more than you can imagine!

Natural Light Blue Topaz, like the stone offered by AMORO is typically found in Northern Ireland and in the U.K. Fun fact about Topaz … in its purest form it is actually white, what makes it vary in color are the impurities the topaz carries. Bring on the impure topaz, we are totally digging the blue, are you?!

blue topaz ring
wedding day jewelry blue topaz


Summer’s all about having fun under the sun and being near some sort of water, right? You can find us by the pool or on a beach all summer long. But for the moments we don’t get to be so close to the water … we’ll be rocking our Blue Topaz pieces from AMORO.

The ocean’s got a way of making you feel small in this big, big world we live in. Take a second to appreciate the beauty that a blue sky or a blue seashore has to offer. You will walk away from that moment feeling inspired, humble, and with a new perspective.


Praseolite is the one gemstone we guarantee will have them green with envy. Why? Because this naturally toned gemstone will elevate just about any style, any outfit, at any time of the day. Rock it during the day under the sun or for an evening affair, and you will carry a little piece of Earth with you wherever you go.

This green hued stone is in the same family as Citrine – it is an impure kind of quartz that gives off a yellow-green color.

praseolite necklace
praseolite earrings


Ever think that the grass is greener on the other side? We promise you it isn’t. But where the grass is greener is outside of that office of yours. Take a second to step outside, appreciate those green trees that surround you, visit the park once in a while and just lay on the grass. Becoming one with nature is an experience unlike any other.

However, if the outdoors isn’t the place for you, the Praseolite gemstone is just what you need. Style it into any outfit and its earthy, neutral tone will compliment whatever color scheme you may be showcasing for the day.


One of our favorite songs by the late, great Prince but also what inspires our next gemstone – the Amethyst. Ever look up at the sky while stuck in traffic on the way from work and notice a cotton candy pink and purple sky? Those are our absolute favorite – a natural wonder that we just can’t get enough of.

Amethyst is a purple hued gemstone, naturally found in Brazil, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, and mostly in Zambia. It is the mot valuable colored quartz stone.

amethyst ring
amethyst earrings


Take a piece of that gorgeous cotton candy sky with you by wearing the beautiful gemstone, Amethyst. It’s deeply toned complexion is one to truly talk about. Making a statement from miles away, you will be catching everyone’s attention. For a day time event, we recommend pairing Amethyst with white gold, but for a bolder, evening look – rock the stone against yellow gold and you won’t be sorry.


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