Gemstone Spotlight: The Pearl

What’s round, white, and classy all over? The Pearl Gemstone, of course! Made famous by one of our first ladies, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Maybe not solely by her, but when one thinks of a pearl necklace or bracelet, Jackie comes to mind without a doubt. Her classic style is what inspires pearl wearers today to style one of the oldest gemstones in the world with their First Lady worthy attire.

If you ever wondered the history behind the pearl and/or where it comes from, how its harvested, ext. we’ve got you covered. Read below for some fun facts about pearls and a some interesting information about cultured pearls – the ones that you will find on AMORO.

Did You Know?

The pearl is the only gemstone in the world that is extracted from a living animal.

Did You Know?

The oldest piece of pearl jewelry was discovered back in 520 B.C. inside the sarcophagus of a Persian Princess.

Did You Know?

The world-famous jeweler, Jacques Cartier, purchases his 5th Ave. store by trading only two (2) pearl necklaces for the plot of land.


Cultured Pearls grow inside of mollusks just as natural pearls do; however, the only difference is human interference. Cultured pearls are forced into creation by humans inserting small beads or a section of mantle tissue under the mollusk’s shell. After that, its all up to nature to create the gorgeous gemstone we call The Pearl.

cultured freshwater pearl bracelet
cultured akoya pearl necklace


The Akoya Pearl is cultured from the Akoya Oyster – which is primarily found in Asian countries like Japan and China. The look of the pearl itself is very distinct in that they are lustrous, white/cream colored with rose or silver overtones.

The Freshwater Pearl is also cultured in Asian waters, but can be found in an array of colors. While some of these colors are naturally achievable, some are treated after they are harvested so that a distinct color is achieved.

Jackie kennedy pearls
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