Love Stories We Love: Alyssa & Jonathan Ricci

Everyone loves a good love story. We are no different! We can’t help but look at a gorgeous wedding and think, “I wonder how these to got here…”  We love when you share your wedding photos with us, but we want to know more! Give us the detes!

These two are an actual match made in heaven! Read below to hear all about the story of two best friends who fell in love and tied the knot, Alyssa & Jonathan Ricci.


Two worshippers of God, these two first crossed paths at a Youth Group gathering at a local church based in Miami. He played the drums for the worship band, and she was a lover of worship who danced and sung her little heart out at every youth group. After leaving on tour with a Christian rock band, Jona finally introduced himself to Alyssa via the social media platform MySpace – and the rest is history!

love stories by AMORO Alyssa & Jonathan Ricci
love stories by AMORO Alyssa & Jonathan Ricci


Alyssa: “I ended up asking him to my prom—an obvious choice because he was my best friend. But at this point, we both knew we were becoming more than just friends. The day after prom, we were at the beach. He held me close in the water as waves literally crashed one after another, splashing us in the face. And then he kissed me. It was that moment we both knew, we weren’t “just friends” anymore.”


Alyssa: “I had moved up to Virginia July 7th of 2013 to start working in a research lab a few weeks before dental school started. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of weeks and I was about to start dental school on August 5th. Jonathan had told me he had bought his flight to visit me the weekend after orientation, but instead he secretly booked a flight for the weekend before orientation.

My best friend Ana had called me a week before to ask me if her fiancé could crash on my couch on his drive home to Florida from New York. Our friend Miguel  told me he had heard of food trucks coming to the park behind my house on Saturdays, and because I had just moved to Richmond, I believed him.  There was even music playing at the park when we got there with a ton of people (he got lucky there was a party going on because it made it super believable). I was going to meet him for breakfast that morning, but had no idea what was coming for me.

…As I got out of the car and walked around the corner all of a sudden I see Jonathan with his guitar at the end of a “red carpet” of pictures of us with balloons all over the grass. I immediately started to bawl my eyes out. I had NEVER been so surprised. At first, I think I was crying because I just couldn’t believe he was in Virginia! (I missed him SO much- it had been 3 weeks since we had last seen each other). Then, it started to hit me… He started to play his guitar and sing “I want to spend the rest of my life, with you by my side, forever and ever….  Jonathan is an incredible musician, but he doesn’t sing for anybody—that’s not really his thing. I had always told him “I won’t marry you until you sing for me. You can’t be embarrassed to sing in front of your wife.” So when I heard him singing, it really hit me.”

love stories by AMORO Alyssa & Jonathan Ricci
love stories by AMORO Alyssa & Jonathan Ricci


Jonathan: “I was driving around town with Miguel that morning trying to buy balloons, champagne, manchego cheese (her absolute favorite). I was so anxious trying to get everything together in time and didn’t want to mess up playing the guitar (I had just recently learned the song because it’s Alyssa’s favorite).

Aside from everything, I was BEYOND NERVOUS about singing. I never sing for anyone. When she turned the corner, that’s when it hit me and the nerves went into overdrive. I totally forgot the speech I had prepared, but hey … she said yes!  So it was all worth it.”

love stories by AMORO Alyssa & Jonathan Ricci


A romantic ceremony held in their hometown of Miami, FL. The popular duo had a bunch of family and friends attend their ceremony and reception, celebrating their love and future together as Mr. & Mrs. Ricci.

The romantic ceremony and reception was held at Coral Gables Country Club on January 24, 2015 .

love stories by AMORO Alyssa & Jonathan Ricci
love stories by AMORO Alyssa & Jonathan Ricci


Alyssa: “He knew I wanted a princess cut ring with a setting that was low so that I could wear it under my gloves (I’m about to graduate dental school in a month). He picked out the diamond and the setting separately and had them combined for a perfect ring!”

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